Grounds Gelato

Grounds Handmade Gelato

Here at Grounds we now serve our own handmade Gelato with many delicious flavours like cookies & cream, chocolate, very berry, honeycomb, key lime pie, strawberry and many more.
Our gelato is made at our company kitchen on the outskirts of Cambridge, the machines that slowly churn the gelato to ensure a perfectly soft consistently are powered by the sun from the solar panels on our roof.
All of the milk and cream used to the Gelato is sourced from local businesses
You will find our Gelato at our cafés served either in our own branded cones or in hand filled mini tubs. We also offer a lemon sorbet for those who are dairy free & vegan vanilla gelato.


Dog Treat Sausage Gelato

And little a treat for your pet? We have developed a dog treat gelato also served in mini tubs which contains real sausage meat and is lactose free.


What is gelato?

Gelato is softer, lower in fat & more intensely flavoured than regular ice cream, this is because gelato uses less cream and is churned at a much slower speed which introduces less air into the product giving it a dense, rich consistency. Gelato is best served at a slightly higher temperature than ice cream which ensures that is it perfectly soft when eaten.

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