Hot Drinks


Our single espresso shot produces 1 to 1.5 ounces in approximately 25 seconds of brewing time. As with all great espresso this comes with a perfectly fine layer of crema on the top.


A single shot or double shot of our espresso diluted in an equal amount of water. It can be served with or without milk, we also offer coconut, almond and soya milk!


The second most popular hot drink in house, traditionally made with equal parts espresso, steamed milk, frothed milk and optional chocolate sprinkles, the choice is yours.


The classic one, simply made with one or two shots of coffee blended with steamed milk and finished with a layer of frothed milk.


The perfect mixture of fresh espresso and chocolate sauce (white or dark) blended with steamed milk. For the ultimate indulgence, top with whipped cream or a sprinkle of chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Our hot chocolates are made with delicious cocoa powder blended with steamed milk. Smooth, creamy and great for sweetening the mood. Why not treat yourself and have whipped cream and marshmallows!

Flat White

For the perfect morning coffee, made with two shots of fresh espresso in a small cup finished with frothed milk. Simply a latte with more espresso and less milk!


A scoop of delicious handmade artisan vanilla gelato drowned in either one or two shots of freshly prepared espresso.

Beetroot Latte

Made from all natural ingredients and is also packed with vitamins, minerals and plant-based goodness! The perfect no coffee and vegan alternative, enjoy with refreshing almond or coconut milk!

Chai Latte

A lusciously sweet, exotic blend of spices, tea and skimmed milk, it’s a different kind of! hot drink. And it is 99% caffeine free. Why not finish it off with a perfect sprinkle of cinnamon powder!

Tumeric Latte

Fancy a change and a break from coffee? Our turmeric latte is the perfect balance between sweet and slightly spicy which is perfect to warm you up! Try with honey for that ultimate latte experience!

Suki Tea

We offer a wide range of Suki Teas, that are ethically sourced loose leaf tea made in Belfast. You can choose from herbal infusion and fruit blends options like earl grey blue flower, and red berry.

*All available with coconut, almond and soya milk

Cold Drinks


Our fruit smoothies are made with 100% fruit or veg blended with apple juice. We have all sorts of wonderful flavours, such as Brocolli and the Beast, & Berry Go Round. Ask for this healthy option and have 2.5 of your 5 a day.*


With the variety of gelato flavours that we offer, you may find it hard to choose. Pick any flavour from our gelato range we blend with milk and then just add cream to make it the perfect shake!

Iced Coffee’s

We offer a traditional unblended americano a mix of water and two shots of fresh espresso finished with ice and optional milk! Or try our iced latte made with one of our 5 milk options! Finish with a shot of flavoured syrup for added enjoyment!

Vanilla or Mocha Frappe

Our frappes are smooth, thick and delicious. We just blend ice, milk, (and espresso, if required) with a scoop of your favourite frappe flavour – a caffeine hit without the heat!*

Summer Coolers

Try our carefully handpicked selection of summer coolers! We offer strawberry and coconut frappe, skinny iced latte, watermelon green ice tea and our speciality homemade lemonade finished with a scoop fresh lemon sorbet!

* Available only at Milton Country Park and Birches Valley Café.
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